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International Wastewater Systems installs SHARC Wastewater Heat Recovery system in the Gateway Theatre Project


Vancouver, BC –December 30,  2012 – International Wastewater Systems (IWS) is pleased to announce that it has it has been part of the City of Richmond’s carbon reduction strategy by installing the SHARC Wastewater Heat Recovery system at the Gateway Theatre. The SHARC system supplies heat to the 50,000 sq. ft. multi-use public theatre facility thereby reducing the building’s emissions by 50 tonnes per year.

About Wastewater Heat Exchange SHARC system

Using “Raw Sewage” the SHARC system can heat and cool buildings as well as provide hot water. The energy saving technology is an environmentally friendly and cost efficient solution for multiple unit residential or commercial buildings and energy districts. Utilizing a Sharc System, which is a unique clog proof raw sewage filtration system; the Heat Exchange Technology conducts simple and direct heat exchange from untreated wastewater. The Sharc was designed, manufactured, and installed by International Wastewater System a local BC company


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About the Gateway Theatre Project

Situated in Richmond, BC’s city Centre, the Gateway Theatre is Richmond’s only live theatre and one of the most environmentally sustainable theatres in Canada.


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