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International Wastewater Systems engages CJR Midlands as

United Kingdom distribution partner


Vancouver, BC – Sept 1, 2013 – International Wastewater Systems (IWS) is pleased to announce that it is expanding its reach into European markets through recently appointed United Kingdom distribution partner – CJR Midlands.

IWS president – Lynn Mueller commented “This distributor agreement comes on the heels of three successful local installations of our SHARC wastewater heat recovery technology. These installations include a 182 unit condominium community close to the University of British Columbia, a 60 unit condominium complex in North Vancouver and a 50,000 square foot multi use public theatre facility in Richmond, BC. Principles with CJR Midlands recently toured these projects and were sufficiently impressed to become our exclusive representatives in the United Kingdom. We anticipate that this relationship will provide IWS with a rapid foothold in the EU market.”

About Wastewater Heat Exchange System

Utilizing a unique clog proof raw sewage filtration system, the Heat Exchange Technology is able to conduct simple and direct heat exchange from untreated wastewater to provide the most energy-saving, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solutions for heating, cooling and hot water for any buildings, residential or commercial.


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About CJR Midlands

CJR is an established company specializing in the surveying and design of Building Services Projects and provides Low Carbon Consultancy with EPC (Energy Performance Certification) level 5. Based in Central and East Midlands, UK they provide a comprehensive range of services to all sectors nationwide. CJR has a strong team of professionals with a wealth of experience and skills including water and public health engineering, consultancy, electrical and mechanical engineering, surveying, design and project management.

CJR Midlands Managing Director – Steve Clarges commented “Having toured the Vancouver sites with Lynn and the team from IWS we were hugely impressed with their innovation and creativity and are very excited about the opportunities we have in the UK to utilize the SHARC technology for the benefit of our existing clients & we look forward to Supporting IWS’s expansion across the EU.”



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