Untapped Resources

The US Department of Energy estimates that 350 billion kWh of energy go down the drain in the US daily.

Limitless Quantities

For every 10,000 people, 1,000,000 gallons of 70° F sewage is created per day.

Sewage - the Ultimate Renewable Energy Source

In the search for new and sustainable energy sources few people realize that there is an energy source flowing beneath the surface of our cities. Sewage! This abundant, free energy source remains mostly untapped.

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Wastewater heat recovery can be used in both the winter for space and domestic water heating, as well as in summer for efficient operation of air conditioning systems.

What's New

Innovation is one of the key elements to being a market leader. The dynamic team at IWS is continually bringing new ideas to market.

About Us

International Wastewater Systems was founded by a team of technical and engineering professionals with over 100 years of combined experience in the heating, ventilating and geo-exchange industries.

Our Services

We provide engineering assistance, feasibility studies, and cost estimates, as well as efficiency calculations proving our cost effectiveness.
Additionally, we offer third party energy analysis studies to evaluate the capability of incorporating sewage heat recovery into your project.