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SHARC Sewage heat recovery unit

SHARC Series

The SHARC series sewage heat recovery system is available in sizes ranging from 4 inch (200 GPM) to 8 inch (1000 GPM ) and multiples of those sizes to fit your flow requirements. Models with and without heat pumps are available.

The SHARC is the work horse of our success. Using raw sewage we can heat buildings, cool buildings and provide domestic hot water. Our system is an environmentally friendly, cost efficient, energy saving solution for multiple unit residential or commercial buildings and energy districts.

Systems include a factory prewired DDC control system with proprietary software and touch screen control. This  includes an email alert system for warnings, remote monitoring and data trending. Systems are designed with reverse flow back flushing and shipped on heavy duty modular skids.

SHARC system benefits include: energy savings and primary energy cost reduction of 30-85% and reduced CO2 and GHG emissions. It is easy to install into new or existing infrastructure. We ensure trouble free operation and maintenance with a long product life-cycle. Additionally qualify for LEED® points towards your sustainable design.

Products are designed, manufactured and assembled in Canada and the USA.

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  • SHARC Non-HP Options

If you have heat pumps already in place we can build you a system that matches your heat pump load requirements.


  • SHARC HP Options

Our systems include standard and high temperature heat pumps with leaving water temperatures from 100 deg. F to 160 deg. F

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